iOS Dev, Entrepreneur, Geek, Jedi Master, Father, Astronaut, and all the stuff you can imagine.

Hi there, I’m Julian David… Colombian iOS developer (Currently working in Endava) 5 years experience working on iOS apps based on Swift and Objective-C languages.

Passionate about code, clean code, music, Netflix series, movies and play with my wife and pets…

Programming skills:

  • iOS development: Swift, Obj-C.
  • Mobile: React Native (Javascript-typescript)
  • Backend: JAVA, PHP, Python
  • Frontend: Angular (Basis), Javascript
  • Git: Gitflow, Terminal.

My programming dream: Use Ruby on Rails to dev any project.

Other names: Professional bug-finder:::

Frustrated designer, with knowledge in graphic tools as photoshop, illustrator and video edition.

ex-Volunteer in

Think simple, Work hard!

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